The Bones of the Holy Reptile

by Trouble Salad

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experimental tribal single

"A land once flourishing with the chants of our scaled ancestors now burns within a poison atmosphere. We await the sun's blessing each passing day, we await it's rays, the disintegration of this mortal flesh. Trees are planted for the sacred birds to land and sing the ancients to life. Beneath and within the soil their home, a tomb for the hope that raised this colony. Blood drains from the martyrs, their lives end in vain. Seeping from their wounds the insects gather for the ritual. They fill vessels crafted from gold. A great and massive temple is built on the site where the bones of the Holy Reptile lie. Within it we sing. The sky rains entheogen. With the crawling blood of the martyrs in our hands and the ultimate longing for immortality in our hearts, the ceremony begins. The Basilisk is in the clouds. Release us. Release us. Release us. The skin melts from our limbs. The wind brings death, so beautiful. The Basilisk wakes as we drip with hallucination. The Holy Reptile paints our minds with a new world. We are now scaled and together with claws. The moon illuminates the afterlife. Release us. Release us. Release us. The bones of the Holy Reptile fuse together in our bodies. Release us."


released June 19, 2015



all rights reserved


Trouble Salad South Lake Tahoe, California

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